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Baseline Study on Immunization of Maternal Child Health in Jhelum Skardu Swabi 2010

Status of Immunization Coverage & Maternal Child Health Care Punjab 2014

KAP Survey with Parents of 23 Months Old Children About Immunization Maternal Child Health 2014

KAP Survey with Parents of Missed – Default Children in Immunisation 2014

Barriers to Immunization – CSO Perspective Dec 2012

Knowledge-Attitude of Adolescents About Reproductive Health in Slum Communties of Islamabad 2011

HIV AIDS Vulnerabilties in Disabled Jhelum 2010

Human Rights

Baseline Study Report on Violence Against Women in Tehsil Sohawa, 2008

Baseline Survey on Domestic Violence in Sohawa , 2008

Baseline Survey on Situation of Domestic Violence in Sohawa , 2011

Baseline Survey on Situation of Women Survivors of Violence , 2013

Baseline Survey Report of 181 Victims of Tehsil Sohawa, 2011-SB


Baseline Survery on Situation of Persons with Disability Jhelum 2008

Participatory Reflection & Action on PWDs 2008

KAP Report Volume I NOV 29, 2012

PRA Report March 2012

PRA Report to Guage Status of Rehabilitation-Inclusion 2010

PSA Skardu Draft Report-July 12 2012

Report on 3rd PRA-June 26 2011

Report KAP Survey on Disability , 2009

PSA of PWDs with Thematic Focus on ‘CBR Social Inclusion of PWD 2008

Report PSA on Irreversible Blindness Swabi.June , 2005

Situation Analysis of PWD in Gilgit Baltistan, 2014

Community Development

First Situation Analysis of Sohawa, 2004

Enterprise for Sight

Market Research Report , 2012

KAP Report Volume I 2012


Research Livelihood Helps Empowerment of PWDs.June 2011

Relief Rehab

Baseline Report Flood Affetced Community in Bhakkar , 2010